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The Diet to Maintain During Periods

The Diet to Maintain During Periods

No matter how much commercials ask you to have a happy period, the happy period seems like a myth. Periods are anything but happily, don’t you feel? Apart from the hygiene aspects and the fear of spotting and leakage, the awful symptoms of weakness, bloating, heavy flow, dampness and cramps are the bigger problems. Periods can be very troublesome especially on those days when you can’t afford to take a break.

Even though hygiene is the primary concern, that can be taken care of by Orgabliss’ sanitary napkins. On those days, you particularly feel the need for staying afresh. For all those pre-menstrual discharge and spotting during periods, panty liners are the best rescuer.

See, hygiene is not the main concern, Orgabliss has got you covered for that.

But what you do need to tackle are the dreadful symptoms. The physical impact of periods. Many women do the wrong to consuming pain soothers and blood thinners. That is utterly inadvisable. You can intake some vitamin supplements but never any prescription drug.

Rather take the more natural way; watching your diet can be a great way to control any of such bothersome symptoms. If you have irregular periods or suffer from PCOS, your blood flow may be inconsistent. Some superfoods are just what you should be adding to your diet to have an easy period.

Items to Include in Your Diet for a Happy Period

  • Water

Periods can cause dehydration which can lead to acidity and headaches. Water will help keep you hydrated. Water can relieve much of the bloating symptoms. Drinking lots of water will prevent any kind of water retention as well as avoid muscle cramps.

  • Fruit

Fruits like watermelon and cucumber will help avoid any dehydration. They will also compensate for any sugar cravings that you have. While you are on your period you might crave some sweets. Intaking refines sugar will only spike up your glucose levels. Fruits will also help with the necessary vitamin C which will keep any uterus or vaginal infection at bay.

  • Leafy green vegetables

When you have heavy flows especially on your second and third day, your iron levels drop significantly. Instead of consuming oral iron tablets, go for leafy green veggies. They will help you with all the Fe that Females require during those days. Drop-in iron levels can cause dizziness, body ache and fatigue. Consuming a significant proportion of these leafy vegetables can definitely help release any kind of period anomaly.

  • Ginger

No, not raw ginger thankfully. You can have one-two servings of ginger tea a day. Ginger has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which will ease out any body pain. However, you must beware of your intake. Too much ginger especially more than four grams can lead to heartburn and stomach aches.

  • Chicken

During periods, don’t you feel like savouring the tastes of a certain food? The cravings are a lot and they are mainly because of the hormone play in the body. Chicken is a great source of protein. It does not comprise unnecessary fat and fibre which can lead to bad cholesterol. Chicken keeps you full and sated. You will not crave for anything much as the chicken will keep your hunger pacified.

  • Fish

Fish is an abundance of protein, iron and omega-3s. Iron helps to keep the dropped iron levels at check during periods. Fish is a source of good protein. This means all your weakness and dizziness will be away. Omega-3s can help relieve you from muscle pain. All the more, mood swings and several mental issues like depression are controlled with the presence of Omega-3s. Looks like fish are an all-star in the dietary affair.

  • Dark Chocolate

It is common for you to feel anxious or upset during your periods or even before that what we call PMS. Sugar cravings are the highest in such scenarios. Instead of your deeply savoured milk chocolates which can get you to put on a few inches, opt for dark chocolates. They are a better snacking option. Dark chocolates have magnesium and iron. Magnesium helps in keeping any kind of fatigue away while the benefits of the Fe for females is very well known to you by now.

  • Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has great anti-inflammation properties which are particularly good for all PMS symptoms like muscle pain, nausea, cramps and diarrhoea.

  • Lentils and beans

For vegans and vegetarians, lentils and beans are great sources of their protein intake. They will also compensate for the loss of any iron. Lentils and beans can be easily added to your regular diet and should be had even when not on your periods.

  • Yoghurt

Do you feel that your vaginal area feels itchy or notice discharge before or after your period? Sometimes an irking pain in the lower abdomen section as well? That is because of yeast infection. The vaginal cavity becomes swampy and uterus lining thick, these provide a ground for yeast to infect the area. Yoghurt has probiotic properties. This means that it kills the bad bacteria while keeping the good bacteria. Any sort of infection before or after your periods can be very unpleasant. Yoghurt also has the power of magnesium.

  • Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice that does wonder for female reproductive well-being. Turmeric has curcumin which is its main ingredient. Curcumin is the agent which helps lessen all the symptoms related to PMS as well as periods. It is really the trick for a smooth period.

The various symptoms can take a toll on every woman. Even though it seems like that happy period is a myth, with Orgabliss’ hygiene products coupled with the diet must-haves listed, you can surely beat the blues of that time of the month.

While there are many superfoods that will help you bring relief from the terrible onset of periods, there are some food items that can further worsen them. It would be advisable to stay rather away from such items. Treat them as your touch me not plants!


Items that are a Complete No-No During Periods

  • Alcohol

Apart from the age-old saying that alcohol is bad for health, alcohol is also really bad for periods. Choose to go virgin for alcoholic drinks. Alcohol increases the estrogen in the body which is responsible to maintain sugar levels and cholesterol. The right balance of estrogen helps in keeping a healthy flow and keeps periods regular.

Plus, alcohol increases water retention levels which can make you feel more bloated than you already do. Choose to opt for lassi or coconut water if you want anything refreshing instead of alcohol.

  • Caffeinated drinks

Caffeinated drinks no matter how much they feel like stress busters are nothing but agents that worsen your PMS symptoms. Caffeine increases your blood pressure and heart rate which can cause anxiety. Anxiety leads to increased discomfort making you feel fatigued.

  • Processed food

Frozen food, fast food and so on have a high content of sodium that work as preservatives in there. These foods lead to higher water retention tendency in the body. With water retention increasing, you will feel bloated. It is advisable to stop eating processed food a few days before you get your periods. The easier you retract, the better you will be feeling during your periods. Women tend to put on weight during and post their periods, it is because they consume a lot of this processed food while being on their periods.

  • High fat food

Food which is very high on fat release a chemical called prostaglandin which is known to increase the level of period cramps and pain. During your periods, your skin is already very sensitive and saturated fat can make them drier and dull. You need to have healthy fat instead which will keep your hair and skin nourished. You must avoid burgers, pizzas and cream-based desserts. Even though they seem like your best friend during those days of the month, turns out they are not.

  • Fried food

When your mood swings with all its might, fried food seems like your comfort food. But just like they are harmful to your health in general, during periods they are the ones that worsen your mood swings. All this while you thought that they make you feel better! Fried food has trans-fat which affects your mood and also leads to skin inflammation.

What you intake during your periods often determines how well they are going to be. Drinking a lot of water is something that you must always remember in your periods. No matter how bloated you feel, choose to eat right. Feeling bloated or low in mood does not pass as a green signal to binge on junk. Make concerted efforts to find what can replace what and follow that. You will be rather surprised to see how smooth and happy your periods will actually be. No one can expect to make all the changes suddenly but with every period, go one step ahead.

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