What is Negative Ion?

Bacteria’s worst Nightmare

Negative Ions, “Nature’s Battery Chargers”, are a major natural element that provides energy to human body. Negative ions are as necessary as water and air. Negative ions are rich molecules of nature that can cure even incurable cancers & diseases.


Professionals have been using Negative Ions products, mainly Anion Napkins in Dubai since 2010 for all health conditions including infertility, premature menopause, infections, cervical dysplasia, pain, psoriasis, migraine, arthritis, constipation, stress, insomnia, depression with miraculous results.
Negative ions are actually oxygen atoms with extra-negatively charged electrons, invisible molecules abundant in nature, especially around waterfalls, sea, green mountains and forests, after a storm.
They are created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight, radiation, and moving air and water. The degree to which negative ions contribute to overall well-being and health is scientifically proven by keeping our body alkaline, reducing inflammation, reviving all functions: 

  • They neutralize free radicals, have anti-bacterial, anti-viral effects.
  • They revitalize metabolism.
  • They enhance immune function.
  • They purify the blood, improve blood circulation, decrease blood sugar, cholesterol, increase calcium.
  • Anti-Allergic, Asthma effects.
  • They balance the autonomic nervous system, regulate the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, urination, and sexual function.
  • Increasing Brain Serotonin, reducing anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression, migraine, better sleep, relaxation.
  • Natural painkiller, anti-inflammatory effect
  • Improve skin conditions, against hair loss
  • Longevity, Anti-Aging, Rejuvenation