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Cut the Conventional, It’s Your Choice

Cut the Conventional, It’s Your Choice

If history is looked at, you will find three main waves of feminism. Each phase spoke of something which the conventional society thought of to be daunting, appalling to a large extent. At present, we are partaking in the fourth wave of feminism. This particular wave is a culmination of all the last three with an added inclusion of section and internet tools.

Today, the internet world can see women spotting their boldest and most confident selves. We are leaving a mark everywhere. What was once considered to be off-limits are what we are conquering day by day. We have our share of rides in business, sports, politics, glamour, corporate, education, research, activism, and…in change-making.

Ladies, we today are not just rolling our dice in every box but are being the change-makers. If you wish to not conform to any mold, you can break free. Can? Is that even a proposition anymore for us! Today, you can choose your job, partner, house, car, pet, house, clothes, and all of it thanks to you. Yes, you!

You are the one who is observing the world through your lens. With every prevalent and preceding rudimentary ideas and practices, you learn and raise your dissent. We are growing stronger in the circle of sisterhood. So, when you listen to a Greta Thunberg taking on the system that’s merely watching nature tarnish, you sing in coherence with her. You understand that the world needs organic and sustainable alternatives. And you know that the choice is yours.

We call earth, mother earth; we define her as a woman. She is like you—a giver and self-sufficient. Yet we talk about protecting her. The major climate summits like Paris and Rio are to make the choice that’s best for her. If she needs these choices, so do you. Beauty is far beyond just complexion and figures today; it is about nurturing the beauty you already possess.

When you see yourself surrounded by synthetic and chemical-laden products, which are for your “protection,” it should tick you that probably it’s time to make a better choice. For years and even today, women have succumbed to poor menstrual hygiene and health. It is, in fact, one of the major health concerns for women across the world. The commonly available conventional sanitary napkins are the prime reason.

Fighting the myths and taboos surrounding periods was not enough because now sanitary napkins are a problem. Didn’t we hold revolutions for them? Yes, we did. But it turns out they are not good for your body and mother nature.

More and more women are being aware of the negative impacts of skin rashes, uterine infections, and non-biodegradable nature because of their plastic content. Women back then chose sanitary napkins so that they could go about their whereabouts without any hindrance. Today is another such day.

When you have organic and safer alternatives like the sanitary napkins and panty liners from Orgabliss, why go for the conventional ones? Period leaves are only reality in certain organizations, but it still has a long way to go. You are your own boss, and periods should never be an excuse. The conventional menstruation products like sanitary napkins and tampons leave a woman feeling uncomfortable with the fear of leaks, rashes, irritation, and infection.

When the conventional is not the best thing for you, you move on, right? That’s exactly what many women are doing. You wouldn’t want periods to stop you from attaining all that you dream of. You need the goodness of anions which will make your uterine walls clean and let you have a happy period. Choose the goodness of the Japanese gel lock system in Orgabliss’ sanitary napkins, which will prevent any leakages which might put you in an uncomfortable spot.

The clogging properties of the materials used in the conventional sanitary napkin, which costs a bomb, are hazardous for nature as well. The toxins and the material lie on the surface of the earth for years without any decomposition. Many feminists and environment activists have raised their voices against the use of polymer-based sanitary napkins.

Today, women are understanding the goodness of natural raw materials like bamboo and banana, which are an excellent alternative to the existing sanitary pads that dominate the market. Wondering who will offer the right switch? Orgabliss offers organic sanitary napkins and panty liners, which are not just good for your intimate hygiene but also for the environment. The pads get decomposed within 216 hours and release 6120 anions which are brilliant agents to rid of any kind of existing infection and impurities.

Women empowerment is all about women being able to choose what’s best for them, and it shouldn’t be amiss when it comes to their personal hygiene. The standards of beauty are breaking its shackles too. Today beauty is gradually seeing a new definition. You can feel it when you post your unfiltered picture on Instagram and see how it is appreciated. The mindsets are changing. That is the fourth wave of feminism showcasing its amplitude.

The focus is shifting from unrealistic makeup, weight loss, chemical treatments, and corrective surgeries to nurturing. Women today take accountability for their own bodies. Women have started to work out to keep themselves fit rather than to attain size zero. Ask yourself; you are now more concerned about the waist and belly fat because you know they might result in type 1 diabetes if ignored. The thought of a flat stomach is a visual motivation but not the main aim.

Choices must come from awareness. The more aware you are, the more you can question the existing norms if they are problematic. The rise of skincare brands is another indication of how women are shifting towards healing and nurturing than opting for a cover-up.

Makeup is a way of expression today. The influencers set the social media ablaze with all the makeup videos. You will not find them doing it because they want to hide behind, but because they consider it as a knack and an art.

If you have noticed, the videos start with the person with a natural look. And you must have wondered how good and healthy they look without any makeup. The girl tribe is steadily being aware that replenishment is the key. Skincare products provide additional support to a good diet and lifestyle, which gets reflected onto one’s appearance.

Beware! There are many chemical-based products that will not only agitate your skin but also their manufacturing harms nature. Many women are already cognitive of the unruly nature of these products. Statistica has predicted that natural skincare products will see a growth of 9.3% by 2021. It is already moving at a whopping 25% growth rate per year.

Post ’92 with globalization, we are habituated with the chemical-based cheaper variants, but slowly, the cost of it is being realized, and the “sisterhood of well-being” is leading to a positive bandwagon. One that is discarding the mainstream and choosing the best for their skin and hygiene. Organic handmade soaps and its variants are rising in demand as well.

Orgabliss has a range of such organic handmade soaps which do not have any chemical constituents. They are effective on acne, blemish reduction, inflammation, itching, redness, uneven skin tone, and much more. The soaps are designed to target problem areas without having to damage skin cells.

It is like going back to the goodness of nature from extreme human intervention. Would you not prefer a product which will not have any chemical reactions on your skin? For any kind of agreement, education is essential, and that need is rising among women now. The urban woman, too, was in oblivion for long. Thanks to the wave of internet tools, you and many others are at the privileged end of receiving information that will empower you to make the right choice.

You chose the paraben-induced products back then because you were not aware of the other side, but today you are. You are more equipped. You are more aware. You will be more educated tomorrow. That is the best part. Women empowerment is in exercise with this very instance. You make your choice and let it be a conventional means. And now it is only you who has that choice to replace the traditional.

Let no societal dictation or peer pressure let you be perplexed. It’s your body. You choose what is best for you. When you start taking account of what you are exposing yourself to and being aware of its larger picture is when you will be truly empowered. Your health and beauty are only yours, and you have the right to go natural.

We, at Orgabliss, understand the indomitable and unstoppable spirit of women. We will never let you settle. It’s only the best or nothing for you. Cut the clutter, pick what’s right for you.

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