Why should we switch to organic sanitary pads?

Synthetic pads contain toxic materials, such as pesticides, herbicides, and several environmental pollutants, including dioxin. On average, a woman uses 11,000 – 17,000 pads in her lifetime. So, you can understand the extent to you are exposing both your body and the nature of such chemicals. This results in intimate rashes, blood clots and spots in the uterus, and even cancer. Such sanitary napkins are a major reason for infection and infertility within women. Additionally, all these contents are extremely hazardous to the environment as well. Thus, by switching to organic sanitary napkins, especially to Orgabliss®, you are not only welcoming good health, and hygiene, but with the negative ions that we use, you are letting your intimate parts breathe and stay fresh.

What are the benefits of Orgabliss® Sanitary Napkins?

The sanitary napkins from Orgabliss® are one of a kind. Not only because they are organic and different from conventional pads, but they are also more beneficial than any other organic ones. Here’s why:
Negative Oxygen Ions
Did you know that during your menstrual cycle, around 1 billion harmful bacteria are released every four minutes? The more these can be taken care of, the better it is for your intimate parts. The core chip on the top sheet of our pads automatically releases 6120 negative ions per cm cube when comes into contact with blood or water. By producing enough amount of oxygen, it can kill the bacteria within 30-60 seconds. They also help in decreasing blood clots by cleansing the uterine wall, allowing better blood circulation. The oxygen ions used in our sanitary napkins are ideal to prevent allergies, irritation, rashes, and even period fatigue. The negative ios, embedded in our product, can prevent massive blood loss. They enter our bloodstream, hence increasing your energy, boosting immunity, balancing hormones, uplifting mood, and killing the odor-causing bacteria to let your cycle be fresh and hygienic.
Magnetism & Far IR
The chips in our sanitary napkins consist of anions which promote magnetism and far-infrared properties. Magnetism boosts metabolism and helps in blood circulation, ruling out bloating and keeping dizziness away. The far-infrared properties have some good things to offer as well. It helps in blood circulation and boosting metabolism and also aids in regeneration and increasing immunity.
Multiple Holes with SAP
Feeling damp during periods is a common phenomenon. It is not only nasty but extremely irritating too. Our sanitary napkins are made with more than 1000 tiny holes integrated with the Japanese SAP technology that can soak and lock up to 150ml of liquid, allowing your intimate area to breathe and stay fresh for longer. The microporous funnel type back sheet drains out excess moisture to keep you dry for up to 8 hours.
Organic Cotton
Our sanitary pads are made with 100% organic cotton material. Being as soft and light as a feather, it keeps your intimate area comfortable. This ensures you to be free and easy-going during your most uncomfortable period of the month.

What is the benefit of Pantyliners?

Pantyliners serve multifaceted purposes. They are the best for absorbing daily vaginal discharge, pre and post-menstrual spotting, post-intercourse discharge, natal discharge, and even urinary inconsistency. The daily usage of panty liners can keep your intimate health and hygiene under check by eliminating most of the irregularities and irritation.

What impact do Orgabliss® products have on our planet?

Most of the products that we use in our daily lives are prone to pollution, especially the branded sanitary napkins. By using 100% organic material for all our products, not only to manufacture but also for packaging, we work towards making this world a better place for tomorrow.

Why are the napkins packaged in aluminum wrappers individually?

Orgabliss® takes special care in packaging the sanitary napkins too. Aluminum wrappers contain anti-moisture elements, allowing the oxygen level to be intact when enclosed. These wrappers are biodegradable, unlike plastic wraps, thus being environment-friendly too. Moreover, the aluminum wrappers offer a sleek and stylish design in the package, which is bliss to the eyes as well.

What is the green chip in the Sanitary Napkins & panty liner? Is it harmful?

The core chip, included in our sanitary napkins, can release 6120 anions. These are molecules that can be found in water surfaces. The moment these negative ions come in contact with water or blood, they are released per centimeter cube. They then enter the uterine walls through the vagina, thus cleansing and getting rid of all the harmful bacteria from your intimate parts within a minute. This ensures you with a clean period as well as improved hormonal balance.

Are Orgabliss® Sanitary Napkins and packaging Biodegradable?

Our sanitary products are made with 100% natural content and organic cotton. It not only stops the breeding of harmful bacteria but also decomposes easily without leaving any carbon footprint behind. Our aluminum packaging is the cherry on top, which is specifically made biodegradable.

Does your product contain latex or plastic?

The top sheet of Orgabliss®’ sanitary napkins is made of 100% organic cotton material. Thus unlike the conventional heavy and thick pads that brush against your skin, making you feel uncomfortable, our product is lightweight and does not cause any discomfort. Being chlorine and chemical-free, our sanitary napkins keep away any painful rash or inflammation. Our sanitary products are hypoallergenic, making them an ideal fit for sensitive skin.

What makes Orgabliss® sanitary napkins so absorbent?

The costly sanitary napkins available in the market are made with gel crystals that do not have much retention power to bear heavy flow. This must’ve caused you to stain the bottoms at some point. Orgabliss® uses the Japanese sap technology that can soak and lock up to 80ml of liquid in the case of Daycare pads and up to 150ml of liquid in the case of Nightcare pads. So, no more worrying about leakage and embarrassing moments during activities.

Why are Orgabliss® products more expensive than other mainstream brands?

We use only certified highest-grade and 100% organic materials to manufacture the products. By following an ethical and sustainable way, both for the environment as well as the human body, we aim to build a better future instead of just doing business.

What is the difference between Orgabliss® Day Care Pads, Night Care Pads?

Our Daycare pads are more suitable for medium flow that can soak and lock up to 80ml of liquid. On the other hand, our Nightmare pads are perfect for heavy flow, soaking, and locking up to 150ml of liquid.

What is the difference between Orgabliss® Day Care Pads, Night Care Pads?

Our Daycare pads are more suitable for medium flow that can soak and lock up to 80ml of liquid. On the other hand, our Nightmare pads are perfect for heavy flow, soaking, and locking up to 150ml of liquid.

Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes! Our products do not use any animal by-products or animal-derived ingredients and we don’t test on animals or ask third parties to do the same on our behalf.