Elegance. Opulence. Brilliance

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Elegance. Opulence. Brilliance

——- Wear That Matters ——-

About Orgabliss®

Blissfully Organic

The core connection we have with our mother earth is eternal. That’s blissful. That’s organic. No artificial source has made or broken it. Then why not go back to where our lives began and use the earthy resources to get along! It’s high time for us to take care of both human civilization and its mother, nature.

Orgabliss® is a revolutionary cause towards keeping the humankind healthy & the earth safe with 100% organic products. It is our responsibility to serve the sanctity of the creation. And that’s exactly where we have stepped into by delivering only the premium quality organic products.

For us, it is not a trend. It is a lifestyle we are helping people to choose. The toxic materials used in sanitary napkins have been causing rashes and infections. Thus, we are trying to inspire people to live a healthy and more natural lifestyle. Protecting and loving this beautiful nature and its creations will surely help us build a better future and a better environment to breathe in.

Founder's Note

A few months back, I came across a horrific truth. 72% of the total female population uses sanitary napkins made of toxic substances and hazardous chemical ingredients, which is the root cause of the increasing detrimental health condition. Being a woman, I understood how harmful it is, not only for our own creed but also for the environment. Hence, I decided to bridge the gap with Orgabliss® where we offer you 100% organic products, starting from sanitary napkins, pantyliners, and much more, made with materials gathered from nature.

Prevention is always better than cure, right! We have been familiar with this phrase since childhood. But have you ever really considered this fact? Think about the early stage of human civilization when chemical products were so out of our league when we could breathe in the fresh air when we could walk on the sand without trying to avoid any chemical wastage! We are striving to take you back to that blissful land. No, we are not deteriorating ourselves from the advancement, and that’s exactly why Orgabliss® is a revolution. We are using the technology to merge the natural materials, thus creating the most beneficial, user-friendly, environment-friendly, and harmless organic products.

With 100% organic cotton material used as the top sheet, Orgabliss®’ organic sanitary pads and pantyliners barely touch your skin, causing no adverse effects. The Japanese Sap Lock technology locks up to 20ml (Panty Liners), 80ml (Day Care) & 150ml (Night Care) liquid, avoiding unnecessary leakage. The main USP of our sanitary products lies in the core chip that is able to release 6120 negative ions per CM3 when in contact with blood or water, producing sufficient oxygen and killing harmful bacteria in your intimate area within 30-60 seconds. These products guarantee you to be fresh during your menstrual cycles. The biodegradable plastic and back sheet film leave no carbon footprint behind, hence keeping our mother earth safe and secure in the long run.

So, come follow the blissful organic road of organic products, and live long with nature.

Mrs. Seema Gupta

Founder & Managing Director