One thought on “I am a 16-year-old girl who has heavy periods. Should I be active or laid-back during this time
of the month?

  1. Seema Gupta says:

    Hello Piya, this is an important question you have asked.
    Usually, heavy periods in the initial years after attaining puberty could mean that your body is
    producing excessive estrogen that could be causing the uterine lining to be thicker than usual.
    Your body is adjusting to the new changes.
    However, it will be good if you could determine how heavy your periods are. Some of the signs
    could be the need to use sanitary pads every few hours in a 24-hour cycle, staining of clothes,
    the feeling of blood ‘gushing’ out at times, and large clots in the menstrual blood. These are all
    indicative of heavier than average blood flow.
    You can continue to be active during your periods. You can go to the gym for light exercises,
    attend school, socialize, and lead a completely normal lifestyle. But make sure your diet is on
    track. When the blood flow is heavier, your body loses more iron, due to which it is possible
    that you feel tired. Use hot water fomentation to minimize cramps, if any, and drink nutritious
    Have plenty of wholesome foods and keep away from processed foods. Include generous
    servings of salads, fruits in your daily diet. Eat a handful of nuts, seeds daily which will help your
    body feel more energetic and calmer. If you want to take a break, lie down for an hour or two.
    However, if your periods are heavier than usual every month, you may need to consult your
    Share your concerns with your parents; they will guide you and soothe your anxiety.
    Remember, it’s perfectly okay to talk to them about this. There is no need to feel embarrassed.
    Periods are simply a female biological reality that deserves attention, understanding and

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