One thought on “I got my periods six months ago when I was 12 and half years old, but my friend got hers at 10. What is the right age for periods?

  1. Seema Gupta says:

    Hello Sara, thank you for asking a question that is on many girls’ minds.
    The fact about periods is, it’s perfectly okay to get them anywhere between 10-15 years of age. This is the phase of puberty for a girl. Depending on the individual genetic profile and hormonal patterns, the start of periods will vary from girl to girl.
    When a girl commences on the journey of menstruation, it means her body has come of hormonal age and is producing the female hormones – progesterone and estrogen. Her female reproductive organs are in the process of maturing, and her ovaries have begun producing eggs that are released every month in the uterus. This development is the common factor; what can vary is the age when the maturation process starts.
    So, if you have got your periods at 12 and your friend at 10, it is not a cause for concern. Many girls also start periods after the age of 12. What this simply means is that you have attained puberty at a later stage.
    Just as the starting age for periods varies from girl to girl, the ending of periods, called menopause, is also different for each woman. Globally, the average age for menopause is around 53.5 years but it can occur two to three years before or after as well. This condition, too, depends on their hormonal patterns and genetics and is not a cause for worry.
    Once you attain puberty and begin menstruating, your periods should be regular and cause minimum pain, cramps, or bloating. It is important not to fear or be ashamed of periods. If you are experiencing bloating or cramps, or discomfort, please speak to your parents, and consult a doctor.
    Also, make sure that you have the proper nutrition that contains iron- and folic acid-rich foods to compensate for the loss of blood each month and keep you healthy. Lastly, only use high-quality, hypoallergenic sanitary napkins that do not trigger any kind of infections.

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